Welcome new WHS Preferred Partner ChartSpan!

June 4, 2024


The Washington Hospital Association is thrilled to announce ChartSpan as its new Preferred Partner for Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs. CCM is a transformative program in value-based health care, demonstrably reducing annual costs, improving patient outcomes and generating new hospital revenue. A recognized leader, ChartSpan offers fully managed CCM programs to over 170 US organizations. On average, their programs deliver a staggering $2,457 reduction per patient in annual health care costs and an average of $100,000 in additional hospital revenue for every 300 patients enrolled.*

For patients with multiple chronic conditions, CCM provides vital support, including a 24/7 nurse line, assistance with care goals, and help managing appointments and medications. Hospitals benefit from reimbursement for this crucial preventative care. Because ChartSpan’s services and building of care goals may refer patients back to the hospital for preventative tests and procedures (like colonoscopies), hospitals’ revenue for ancillary services may increase as well. Combined, this new revenue allows hospitals to invest to improve the overall quality of care for their communities.

By partnering with ChartSpan, Washington hospitals can leverage their expertise to streamline administrative burdens and focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional care to their patients. This collaboration empowers hospitals to thrive in the evolving health care landscape, prioritizing both patient well-being and financial sustainability.

For more information reach out to caroline.kochelek@chartspan.com. (Ed Phippen)

*Results may vary by provider


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