12/12 Webinar on Nurse Staffing Committee Best Practices

The Nurse Staffing Coalition hosted a webinar on nurse staffing committee best practices on Wednesday, December 12. The webinar provided an overview of nurse staffing committee best practices and tips for success under Washington’s new nurse staffing law. Slides from the webinar can be accessed here A video recording of the webinar can be accessed here.... Read More >>

Webinar: Using Advanced Clinical Analytics: Cost Savings Solutions and Quality Improvement in the Pharmacy Benefit

Exploring advanced analytics, clinical solutions and member engagement strategies to reduce costs and improve clinical quality outcomes.... Read More >>

Webinar: Using Data Analytics and Innovation to Create Clinical Solutions

This webinar focused specifically on clinical programs and how to use data and analytics to identify opportunities and create innovative solutions to contain and reduce pharmacy spend.... Read More >>

Rethink Processes, Regain Control: Supply Chain as a Key to Sustainability

This webinar explored how incorporating technology and adopting spend reduction and cost recovery strategies into standard supply chain practice can improve efficiencies and unlock resources for other critical initiatives.... Read More >>

Webinar with WHIT / Maxor: Understanding PBM Pricing and Your Options

This WHIT / Maxor webinar presented information on PBM Pricing and Your Options... Read More >>

“A Tale of Two Hospitals” How Two Hospital Organizations Compare in Their AP Solutions Search

This webinar demonstrated how two hospital organizations compare in their search for commercial payment solutions to help their AP departments and earn revenues. ... Read More >>

Introducing Pharmacy Benefits Management Program from WHIT

This webinar was the first of an educational session about how PBMs can benefit your organization and save money on your employee prescription costs during a series of webcasts hosted by WHIT.... Read More >>

Taking Leadership to the Next Level with LEAD Academy and Advanced Lead

This webinar demonstrated how LEAD Academy and Advanced LEAD Academy help support your staff manage more effectively and develop critical leadership skills. ... Read More >>

2018 State Legislative Session: Results & Next Steps

The WSHA Government Affairs and Policy Development staff gave an overview of the 2018 legislative session... Read More >>

New Requirements Under HB1713 – Ricky’s Law

WSHA and the Department of Social and Health Services hosted a webinar about the requirements of Ricky's Law (HB 1713) that impacts patients and hospitals.... Read More >>

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