Rethink Processes, Regain Control: Supply Chain as a Key to Sustainability

June 11, 2018

Program Overview:

Supply chain is a catalyst to reducing costs, maintaining high quality of care, and improving patient outcomes – all elements critical to the CQO Movement. According to a study by the National Academy of Medicine, the supply chain ecosystem has contributed 25%  of waste in the health care system. Contributors to this waste include product outdates; upgrades and conversions; contract changes; physician preferences; and mergers and acquisitions.

This webinar explored how incorporating technology and adopting spend reduction and cost recovery strategies into standard supply chain practice can improve efficiencies and unlock resources for other critical initiatives.

Suggested Attendees

CFOs, COOs, supply chain leaders, materials managers, and facilities staff.

About the Presenter
Cori Hahn has focused her career in the health care industry on fostering sustainable, cost-effective solutions for hospitals and surgery centers. She joined H-Source in 2016 as the Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining H-Source, Cori co-founded Retegrity Solutions, offering solutions to reduce device waste and help hospitals and surgery centers recover dollars in unused inventory. She continues this mission through H-Source, helping healthcare institutions realize cost-savings on purchases and become socially and financially sustainable.

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