The Fundamentals of Patient Safety for Boards

Patient safety and quality are primary fiduciary responsibilities for governing boards. WSHA and AWPHD jointly began a series of “Fundamentals” webcasts for members of hospital and health system boards and commissions on a variety of topics. The first in the series took place on Monday, July 20 on the topic: “Fundamentals of Patient Safety."... Read More >>

2015 Legislative Session Webcast

2015 was a particularly challenging year in the Washington State Legislature, but now that it’s over, it’s time to review what happened on WSHA’s major initiatives. This webcast reviewed the outcomes of the session, including the hospital safety net assessment, mental health funding, pharmacy issues, physician residencies and more.... Read More >>

Legislative Preview Webcast

WSHA staff led a conversation about what we expect from this year’s legislative session, including budget projections, leadership changes and hot topics. We also discussed WSHA’s policy and budget priorities for the session, and some of the challenges that we anticipated.... Read More >>

Psychiatric Boarding and the Aftermath of the Supreme Court Case

On December 26, 2014, the stay of the Supreme Court’s decision eliminated the use of single bed certifications to board psychiatric patients expired and the decision went into effect. The court’s decision was welcomed by hospitals, but the practical implementation has meant hospitals can be in a difficult position when caring for patients who meet detention criteria under the Involuntary Treatment Act.... Read More >>

Exchange Outreach and Enrollment: Are You Ready?

The second open enrollment period for the Washington Health Plan Finder ran from November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015. This webcast covered the success of the first open enrollment period in 2013-2014, and some important changes for this open enrollment period.... Read More >>

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