Psychiatric Boarding and the Aftermath of the Supreme Court Case

December 16, 2014

Watch a recording of this webcast here (December 16, 2014)

Are you ready for December 26?

On December 26, 2014, the stay of the Supreme Court’s decision eliminated the use of single bed certifications to board psychiatric patients expired and the decision went into effect. The court’s decision was welcomed by hospitals, but the practical implementation has meant hospitals can be in a difficult position when caring for patients who meet detention criteria under the Involuntary Treatment Act. A new rule on the use of single bed certifications, scheduled to be released by the Department of Social and Health Services, added a further layer of complexity.

The web cast covered the following topics:

  • Background on the Supreme Court case and decision;
  • New emergency state rule on single bed certifications (released on December 12, 2014);
  • Guidance on the legal considerations for hospitals, especially when no appropriate evaluation and treatment bed is available; and
  • Potential scenarios from the field.


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