New Executive VP on the “weird” association

When CEOs who are new to Washington State first come to a WSHA meeting or event, it’s not unusual for them to say, “This is kind of a weird association.” he weirdness they point to is that our members come together in true partnership to solve health care issues and lead transformation. They are surprised that even competitors are willing to share what they learn about improving patient safety, and to pull together to increase patients’ access to health insurance and mental health services. After they’ve been here about six months, “This is weird” turns into “This is the best association I’ve ever been a part of!”... Read More >>

Giving thanks for a strong health care community

Thanksgiving is celebrated across the country with hearty turkey meals, football and the famous Macy’s Day Parade. But those are just side dishes compared with the real centerpiece of the holiday: that moment when you pause and be present and grateful in the moment. Maybe you’re grateful for your family, or for your friends who have become your family, or maybe just for the day off. But if it’s good, take the moment to be thankful for it, whatever it is.... Read More >>

Preparing WSHA for the future: Leadership team promotions

In many ways, WSHA is an advance team for our members. Through our policy and patient safety work, as well as our meetings and communications, we strive to help members prepare for changes in the industry. Our work helps them stay focused on providing health care services to their communities. We must also prepare ourselves. WSHA is an incredible organization with many new opportunities before us, and like our members, we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the future.... Read More >>

Senior Vice President Katie Holmes to leave WSHA

Senior Vice President for Operations and Membership Katie Holmes will be leaving WSHA in mid-November. Katie has led a wide variety of projects at WSHA, and her energy and enthusiasm for this work has been significant. She will be missed, and we wish her and her family all the best in their new adventures!... Read More >>

The new is for you

What’s a website for? The simplest questions to ask can be the hardest to answer. We struggle with analogies of what a website replaces, and there are so many right answers. Phone book. Library. Television. Store. Clubhouse. Classroom. (Doctor’s office? Pharmacy counter?) We haven’t run out of ideas yet.... Read More >>

Washington State Hospital Association launches improved

The Washington State Hospital Association launched its new website this month, unveiling a suite of new resources to help the state’s hospitals keep patients safe and help patients get information they need for their care.... Read More >>

Two Joe Hopkins Awards Winners

For the first time in its history, the Washington State Hospital Association awarded two prestigious Joe Hopkins Memorial Awards for outstanding leadership: Renee Jensen, CEO of Summit Pacific Medical Center in Elma, and Tom Jensen, CEO of Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen. Winners are chosen by a committee of past winners, who seek to... Read More >>

Gregg Davidson will chair WSHA

Gregg Davidson, Superintendent and CEO of Skagit Regional Health, has been elected Chair of the Washington State Hospital Association. As Chair, Davidson will preside over the Board of Trustees and lead the hospital association’s work for the coming year. “Gregg has long been a leader in the association, and we’re very excited to have him in... Read More >>

WSHA is now in its new home!

The Washington State Hospital Association has moved! Our new office is in Downtown Seattle on the 14th floor of the Wells Fargo Center. Our new space offers additional meeting space and a more centralized and convenient location for our members. We look forward to seeing you downtown! WSHA’s new mailing address: 999 Third Avenue Suite... Read More >>

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