Governance + Management = Change

Last week, with record numbers of you, I attended the CEO & Trustee Patient Safety Summit. This event brings together over 300 hundred trustees, commissioners and hospital executives to talk about how hospitals can make patients safer.... Read More >>

Caring for the whole patient

We are spending all of May recognizing Mental Health Month and the importance of mental health care in our state. You have likely seen the almost daily news stories about mental health, both nationally and locally, and the news is often heartbreaking. We are forced to really see how hard it is for patients to access the care they need... Read More >>

Meet new Membership Director Tracie Lievense!

We are excited to welcome a new director to the WSHA team: Tracie Lievense started last week as our new membership director. Prior to joining WSHA, Tracie served in several roles at the Swedish Foundation — most recently, as head of the foundation’s Philanthropy Services division. ... Read More >>

A week to celebrate hospitals and nurses

In health care, we’re in the business of helping people. At WSHA, we help by supporting our members, helping them provide high-quality care to their patients and their communities. However, our hospital and health system members are the ones who are on the ground level, helping people every day as they walk through the doors of the emergency department, check in for surgery or come to a clinic for a check-up.... Read More >>

WSHA welcomes Brenda Parnell

Brenda Parnell, former CEO of Ferry County Hospital in Republic, has joined WSHA for the next several months as a temporary employee. She is assisting us as a policy and rural director for the summer while two members of our team are on leave.... Read More >>

Remembering a great health care leader

Dick Davidson has passed away. As I have devoted five years of my professional life to the privilege of leading your association, I have come to learn more about this remarkable man and his leadership and insights. Dick Davidson was a giant in our business. There are more than a few, but Dick clearly stood out.... Read More >>

New vistas: I have decided to retire from WSHA early next year

As I have said to my board, staff and members this week, it has been a privilege to serve as CEO of WSHA. I joined this great organization five years ago, after having been a member myself. Over the last five years, we have done amazing work with members and internally to help ensure our communities have access to high quality health services.... Read More >>

CEO Scott Bond to retire from WSHA

Scott Bond, who has been President and CEO of the Washington State Hospital Association since 2011, has announced he will retire in January of 2017. “It has been a great privilege to serve as CEO of WSHA,” Bond said. “As I have said to my board and my staff, there is much yet to accomplish in the months ahead, and I’ll be devoting my full energy to advancing our ambitious goals."... Read More >>

CMS to roll out ‘overall quality’ star rating

In April, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) will introduce a new star rating for hospitals that is intended to indicate “overall quality.” The single 5-star rating will combine 57 inpatient and outpatient quality reporting measures, and according to the American Hospital Association (AHA), the national distribution of the star ratings is on a bell-curve, with half of all hospitals receiving three stars. ... Read More >>

Investing in Washington

Several weeks ago, I was invited by former member Diane Cecchettini to an event to spotlight the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship. The Scholarship is a unique partnership that is helping to build the next generation of scientists, engineers and health care professionals.... Read More >>

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