Washington State Telehealth Collaborative

What is the WA Telehealth Collaborative?

The Collaborative consists of a group of twenty-two statewide experts on telehealth, and four state legislators, two from each chamber and party. The Collaborative was created in 2016 after the passage of SB 6519, which recognized of a dedicated group to provide guidance, research, and recommendations for the advancement of telemedicine and the benefit of professionals providing care through telemedicine.

The group meets every 6-8 weeks. Meetings are open to the public and time is reserved at the end of every meeting for public comments and questions. For upcoming meeting details and previous meeting minutes, please see the Upcoming Meetings page.

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Vision and Mission Statement

The Washington State Telehealth Collaborative will advance excellence and innovation in telehealth for all Washington communities, improving access to high quality, safe and affordable health care in Washington State.

The Collaborative will provide a forum to improve the health of Washington residents through the collaboration and sharing of knowledge and health resources statewide and increasing public awareness of telehealth as a delivery mechanism.  The Collaborative seeks to enable development and delivery of technology-assisted programs that promote access, sustainability, utilization and affordability of Telehealth services.

While WSHA proudly hosts this website, the Telehealth Collaborative is an independent group, not affiliated with WSHA.


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