Join WSHA in raising awareness of the signs and risks of sepsis

In response to WSHA's advocacy work on Sepsis, Governor Inslee declared September as Sepsis Awareness Month in Washington State for the second year.... Read More >>

Celebrate National Recovery and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is both National Recovery Month and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. The goal of these events is to raise awareness, increase community conversation, and instill hope.... Read More >>

Negotiations training uncovers the science of sharing information

Does your team know what information is dangerous to share or problematic to withhold during a negotiation? Do they know what questions they can ask that will give them more of what they need?... Read More >>

WHS and Sensato present: A virtual cybersecurity tactical simulation

Research shows that hospitals have approximately 14 minutes to respond quickly to thwart attackers’ efforts. After that, your actions transition to a focus on recovery.... Read More >>

Mentor first generation STEM college students

Next month, the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Program (WSOS) will provide mentors for nearly 1,000 STEM college students across Washington and is seeking more healthcare professionals to volunteer for these opportunities.... Read More >>

Using locums to improve physician resiliency

Join Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner Staff Care for a webinar from 11 a.m.-12 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 21 on Using Locums to Improve Physician Resiliency.... Read More >>

Web-based online learning solution

Join Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner careLearning, a web-based online learning solution, from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. on Oct. 5 for a webinar on how the careLearning system will help you organize and manage your hospital's education program. ... Read More >>

WSHA Annual Meeting eSeries kicks off this month!

The 2021 WSHA Annual Meeting eSeries kicks off on Sept. 16 with a keynote presentation by Good Company Consulting Co-Founder, Hannah Ubl.... Read More >>

Exchange update on the Special Enrollment Period

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange opened a Special Enrollment Period in February 2021 in response to COVID-19, allowing Washingtonians to apply for health insurance coverage or compare and upgrade existing coverage.... Read More >>

Fall prevention support for member hospitals

As the NDNQI measure evidence-based practice recommends capturing data on all falls, regardless of location, WSHA has updated the data systems that members interact with, which include the QBS system as well as how DASH reports fall data.... Read More >>

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