Washington State Hospital Association is proud to introduce a collaboration with Ariadne Labs’ Delivery Decisions Initiative to implement TeamBirth across Washington State birthing hospitals. This work would not be possible without funding provided by Ballmer Group.

Failures in teamwork and communication are frequently reported as root causes of sentinel events. TeamBirth aims to target poor maternal and newborn outcomes that occur as a result of those failures by providing a framework for shared-decision making and amplifying the birthing person’s voice. Shared planning boards, TeamBirth huddles and utilization of decision and support aids help to provide all team members, including the patient, an opportunity to participate equally.


Over the next three years, Washington State birthing hospitals will participate in one of four cohorts. Each cohort will receive personalized training, support and materials for implementation in their facility.

  • Informational Webinar
  • To Participate:
    • Sign Hospital Commitment Letter
      • Required signatures:
        • Executive Leader (e.g., CNO)
        • Implementation Leaders
    • Notify Jenica Sandall: of intent to participate by March 10.
    • Return the signed hospital commitment letter as soon as possible
    • Begin identifying and recruiting hospital staff for implementation team
    • Cohort #1 will begin in March 2023
      • Learning sessions will be held the third Thursday of the month from 12pm – 1:30pm
        • Except the first session. The first learning session for cohort 1 will be held March 30, 2023 from 12pm-1:30pm
    • Cohort #2 will begin in late 2023


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