TeamBirth Cohort 1 – Implementation Resources

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Blue logo with title "Safe Deliveries Roadmap" at the top left and the Washington State Hospital Association logo on the top right. On the left there is a slogan "Achieving best outcomes for women and babies". There is an image of a road along the bottom. From left to right, there are location marker shaped icons. On the left is a purple icon with a graphic of a calendar with the title "pre-pregnancy". Next is a turquoise icon with a graphic of a fetus with the title "pregnancy". Third from the left is a green icon with a graphic of a newborn held by two hands with a title "delivery". The fourth icon is orange and has a graphic of a person looking at a newborn with a title "postpartum".     Company logo of Ariadne Labs and Team Birth Initative
Company logo of Ballmer Group


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