Fall: Reflections and Directions

Fall is sometimes noted by the return of football, or the beginning of school, or the harvest or the equinox. But at WSHA, fall is truly marked by the Annual Meeting. Last week gave us our annual opportunity to scan the horizon and think deeply about how health care is changing to better meet patients’ needs.... Read More >>

Webinar on New State Law: Payment for and Delivery of Hospital Services for Inmates and Persons Detained by Law Enforcement

Please join the Washington State Hospital Association, the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, and the Association of Washington Cities for a webinar about important changes in Washington State law as a result of enactment of Senate Bill 5593,which went into effect July 24, 2015. This webinar is for hospital staff and staff of law enforcement entities and governing units affected by the bill. (The webinar will be recorded.)... Read More >>

Implementing Senate Bill 5593 – Delivery and Payment for Health Care Services by Hospitals for Inmates and Persons Detained by Law Enforcement

This bulletin is intended to inform you of important changes in Washington state law as a result of enactment of Senate Bill 5593. The bill addresses two issues related to care for people in law enforcement custody: guarding and payment.... Read More >>

Change to Washington law on consumer data breach notification

A recent state law change has strengthened consumer data breach notification requirements. Under the new law, notice to consumers of a data breach must include specific information and be provided... Read More >>

Cantwell urges HHS to use Washington State as a model

U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, a member of the Senate Committee on Finance, is urging the federal Health and Human Services Administration (HHS) to use Washington State’s high-performing health care delivery... Read More >>

State Law Change Strengthens Consumer Data Breach Notification Requirement, Exemption for Hospitals Complying with Federal HITECH Law

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide an overview of recent changes to Washington State’s data breach notification law relevant to Washington State hospitals and health systems. The Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) worked closely with the state Attorney General’s Office to develop important exceptions in the new law for entities covered under federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) when they are acting in compliance with the federal Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH).... Read More >>

Correction to Hospital Safety Net Assessment Amount and Due Date

Special Fiscal Watch   Because of an error in the calculation of the assessment amounts, the Health Care Authority is reissuing the assessment invoices for the first quarter of State... Read More >>

At WSHA request, the Health Care Authority revises administrative days Policy

After discussions with WSHA, the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) recently announced it will revise its policy on administrative days and return to the longstanding policy it used previously.... Read More >>

New Federal Law Requiring Notification to Medicare Patients Placed in Observation Status

The purpose of the bulletin is to inform hospitals about the new federal law Public Law 114-42, The NOTICE Act (H.R.876), that requires hospitals to provide oral and written notification to Medicare patients placed into observation status for longer than 24 hours. Also to let hospitals know of WSHA's plans to provide opportunities for WSHA-member hospitals to share and communicate best practices and prepare for the new law.... Read More >>

Weekly Report for August 20, 2015 – State legislature back at work?

State legislature back at work? Last week, the Washington State Supreme Court announced that the Washington State Legislature is out of compliance with its McCleary decision on adequate funding for... Read More >>

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