WSHA Analysis: House unveils legislation to repeal and replace ACA

On Monday, House Republican leadership released legislation to repeal and replace major provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The major provisions of the legislation follow an earlier version of the Republican leadership plan leaked in February. WSHA has a draft analysis of the impact to Washington State. The proposed legislation fundamentally changes how insurance is funded through Medicaid and the insurance exchanges.... Read More >>

House Republicans release proposal to replace ACA, WSHA provides analysis

Yesterday, the House Republican leaders released a proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The proposal outlines broad policy changes but lacks enough detail to for us to fully understand how Washington State’s patients, hospitals and health systems will be affected. However, the significant reductions in federal Medicaid funds would have a major impact on our state and erode the coverage gains achieved under the ACA.... Read More >>

URGENT ACTION: Oppose site neutral payments included in federal budget deal

As you no doubt have seen, a federal budget deal was reached and filed late last night. This package is on a fast-track; the House of Representatives could begin voting on it Wednesday – so we have little time to get our message of opposition into the congressional delegation. We urge you to make calls to the congressional delegation today: visit this WSHA page for contact information.... Read More >>

Congress Adjourns for August Recess; Talking Points for Meetings

To: CEOs/Administrators and Government Affairs Staff Now is a great time to set up meetings with members of Congress or their staffs to discuss issues impacting health care, as they have returned to the state for August recess. We know several of you already have meetings coming up. For those of you who haven’t scheduled a... Read More >>

Action Needed: H.R. 2 – Please Contact Your Federal Congressional Delegation

To: CEOs and Government Affairs Representatives From:  Cassie Sauer, Senior Vice President; Chelene Whiteaker, Policy Director; John Flink, OAHHS-WSHA Federal Lobbyist Action Needed:  Based on an impending vote early next week by the U.S. Senate to repeal and replace the flawed Medicare methodology for reimbursing physicians (SGR fix), we are writing to request that you... Read More >>

Action Needed on SGR Fix

To: CEOs, WSHA Board Members, and Government Affairs Representatives (The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems sent a similar message to their members.)   From:  Cassie Sauer, Senior Vice President, WSHA; Chelene Whiteaker, Director, WSHA; John Flink, OAHHS-WSHA Federal Lobbyist; Robin Moody, Senior Director, OAHHS; Andi Easton, Associate Vice President, OAHHS   ACTION NEEDED:... Read More >>

Action Needed: ‘Site Neutral’ Payments Would Hurt Hospitals with High Medicare Populations

To: CEOs, CFOs, and Government Relations Staff of Impacted Hospitals By April 1, Congress must act to prevent the Medicare physician payment cut from going into effect.  During these budget negotiations, payments for hospital care are again at risk as a potential offset to pay for legislation to avoid the scheduled cut to physicians. One of... Read More >>

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