CMO E-List Instructions

Starting a Discussion

If you have a topic or question you would like to pose to the group, write it in an email with a subject line appropriate to the topic, and then send it to the e-list address: It will be automatically distributed to the email addresses of all the e-list members.

E-list Is Used For Group Discussion

Only use the e-list for questions or topics that are appropriate for group discussion. If you would like to have a “one-to-one” conversation with someone, use his or her personal email address. People may get annoyed and even unsubscribe if the e-list is misused.

Responding to a Discussion

To respond to a discussion a member has started, please “Reply” to the message in your email program (you don’t need to “Reply to All” as the email is sent and received automatically to all parties through the e-list). Do not change the subject line on the email that you are replying to. This avoids confusion among e-list members, and all responses are also archived for future use by e-list members under the subject title. When responding, please reply to the last message sent, in order to keep the responses in chronological order.

Subject Changes

If you want to change the subject of a discussion, do not reply to a previous email, but instead send a brand new email to the e-list address, with the new topic in the subject line. This avoids confusion to those receiving and replying to discussions, and also when searching through archived discussions later on, as archived messages are sorted by subject line topic.

Viewing Archived Discussions

All discussions are archived and can be viewed by e-list members as the need arises. To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Washington CMO Archives and enter your email address if prompted.

Managing Message Load

It may be helpful to create a rule or filter to send all email from into a folder dedicated to e-list messages.

Complaints and Concerns

If you have any concerns or complaints about the e-list or someone on the e-list, please contact Please don’t post such messages to the list.

To be added to a E-list

Participation on this e-list is exclusive to Medical Officers. If you wish to be added, send an email to Please provide your name, telephone number, and the email address that you plan to use to receive and send e-list messages.


Postings and Professional Opportunities: To avoid duplication, educational opportunities, surveys, promotional information-really anything that is not related to safety/quality and medical officer clinical questions/matters should be emailed directly, not sent through the e-list.

Antitrust Concerns: To avoid antitrust issues, please do not discuss:

  • Prices, fees, rates or matters that can affect prices, such as discounts, costs, salaries, profit margins, terms or conditions of sale or warranties;
  • Allocation of markets or customers or division of territories; or
  • Refusals to deal with suppliers, customers or other third parties, or topics that may lead participants not to deal with a particular supplier, customer or other third party.

Patient Confidentiality: In order to comply with state and federal privacy laws, please make sure that all cases discussed on the e-list are presented anonymously or as hypothetical situations. Do not list specifics about a patient that could potentially allow someone else to identify him or her (i.e. no names, dates of treatment, approximate age, etc.). All e-list messages are to be considered confidential. Do not forward or share e-list messages with anyone, including employees or vendors. Violation of confidentiality may result in e-list privilege removal.

Permission: Neither the fact that an article is posted on a web site nor the possible educational value make it possible to post material on the e-list without permission. If something is publicly available on the Internet, subscribers should include a link to that material in the message.

Respect for Others: If you would like to respond privately to a message, please remember that hitting “reply” automatically sends the message to all subscribers. To protect yourself from potentially embarrassing situations and to stop extraneous messages from hitting the e-list distribution, please change the address in the “To:” section of the e-mail before sending.

The WSHA e-list welcomes honest intellectual debate and a free exchange of ideas. Negative comments about a person or an institution/organization will not be tolerated. Please be kind and respectful to all participants. Only post responses that will add to the discussion. There is no need to post comments such as “I agree” or “thank you.”


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