Washington hospitals launch campaign: Need Care? Get Care.

May 15, 2020

Health care providers are seeing an alarming trend of people delaying care for injuries and worrisome symptoms – sometimes leading to hospitalizations that could have been avoided with earlier care. The reasons for delaying care include concerns about a higher risk for COVID-19 infection and worries that health care teams are too busy for them.

WSHA members asked WSHA to quickly launch a statewide campaign aimed at addressing the top two barriers to care – fear of catching COVID-19 and concern that providers are too busy with COVID-19 patients to take care of them. Yesterday, the public education campaign was launched with a press conference and a digital takeover on hospital and health system websites across the state.

We hope to build confidence with people that health care is available and safe to access – and that options exist beyond in-person visits. WSHA created an educational campaign page where viewers can “get the facts” about accessing health care, which is also available in Spanish. It includes information on where to find a care location, the safety precaution measures hospitals and clinics are taking, what type of care is available and more.

Whether the health care concern is physical or emotional, the campaign encourages people to make the call to their provider, and let them make the call about the best way to meet their medical needs.

Please amplify the message on your organizational and personal channels! Learn more about the campaign at www.wsha.org/getcare or by contacting Beth Zborowski at BethZ@wsha.org.


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