Washington Hospital Services Sends $4.2 Million Dividend to Member Customers

July 24, 2019

Washington Hospital Services (WHS) announced it is issuing $4.2 million in dividend payments for the 2018 policy year to its Public Hospital District Workers’ Compensation Group, Washington Hospitals Workers’ Compensation Group and Public Hospital District Unemployment Compensation Group customers. WHS administers the worker’s compensation and unemployment compensation programs for health care customers, including hospitals and clinics. The dividends will be sent via Electronic Funds Transfer within the next 30 days.

WHS issues dividend payments when groups outperform annual projections and costs are less than premiums. WHS cites the work of WHS staff, together with member partners to achieve best possible claims resolutions in a cost-effective manner. Over the last six years, WSH has returned more than $25 million in dividend payments to its customers. (Brian Earl, briane@wsha.org)


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