Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner InSight + Regroup is now Array Behavioral Care

February 12, 2021

Health care organizations and patients across Washington need access to quality, timely behavioral health care, with support to guide them on the journey to virtual programs.

In partnership with WSHA, InSight + Regroup has supported organizations across the continuum for years, but a pivotal year inspired them to begin representing the future of behavioral health care.

That’s why InSight + Regroup is now… Array Behavioral Care. This new name highlights Array’s unique ability to provide behavioral health services to organizations and patients of all kinds. Following a year in which Array conducted hundreds to thousands of behavioral health sessions and had 300+ specialists join their clinical team, Array moves forward with the knowledge, experience and most established infrastructure in the behavioral health space to turn opportunity into action and outcomes for Washington’s health care system.

Array’s combination of experience and clinical resources will continue to help organizations across Washington by:

  • Increasing access to care through three distinct models
  • Helping to reduce clinical and operational costs of behavioral health programs
  • Innovating and expanding programs through practical applications of technology
  • Adapting to evolving patient needs and preferences for receiving care
  • Supporting and appealing to staff and clinicians who are well versed in digital tools

The Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner program connects hospitals with product and service organizations to create efficiencies and lower costs to help member hospitals deliver exceptional health care. For more information about Array or the WHS Industry Partner Program, contact Cynthia Hay at cynthiah@wsha.org or (206) 216-2526.


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