Three things to know and get right about delegated credentialing

January 26, 2017

credsimple-logo01It can take more than a year to complete the enrollment process with a payer. This has a profound effect on a hospital’s ability to recruit providers, deliver care to patients and submit claims to payers. One solution to the enrollment problem is to achieve delegated credentialing status. Once delegated, a hospital can address many of the issues with enrollment. However, this solution is restrictive and can be challenging to complete successfully. CredSimple, a WHS Industry Partner, has written an educational article outline three things to know and get right about the process. They are:

  1. Know the contractual responsibilities that come with delegation;
  2. Understand the regulators and why they matter to delegated credentialing; and
  3. Know the standards you will have to meet in order to pass your initial and annual audits.

You can read their full article here. (Paul Unsworth)


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