Thanksgiving is the perfect time to talk about the life you want to live

November 15, 2017

Being Mortal was recently released in paperback, so Dr. Atul Gawande was in the spotlight again talking about end of life. On “CBS This Morning,” he clarified, “The goal is a good life all the way ’til the very end.”

The upcoming holidays, in fact, may be the perfect time to consider what “a good life” looks like. In particular, Thanksgiving provides a perfect opportunity to reflect. What do you appreciate? What brings you joy, happiness, love? What is a good day in that good life? Thinking about these questions empowers decision-making.

And it’s an even better opportunity to share.

In a gathering of loved ones, defining a good day and good life allows everyone an equal opportunity to hear and know. It opens conversations for exploration and a deepened understanding. Talking about these questions enables decision-making.

This year, when raising a glass to the bird and those gathered around, toast the “good life all the way ’til the very end.” And then talk about your end-of-life decisions so you can live that life.

Watch Dr. Gawande on “CBS This Morning” and download your advance directive to complete after your Thanksgiving conversation. (Bonnie Bizzell)


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