Thank you for the honor of serving

December 22, 2016

The calendar turns to 2017 and a new year begins. Undoubtedly your organization has big plans and expectations for the year ahead. As 2016 comes to close during this special season, I hope you find time to reflect on the accomplishments and many things that are positive and present in our world. As my tour with WSHA comes to an end, I am finding these reflections to be even more meaningful.

It has been a distinct privilege to serve as your CEO. I am exceptionally proud of this state and the many positive elements of the hospitals and health systems WSHA represents. We stand for ideas and policies that help make the Evergreen State an even better place. Nationally we are recognized for our collective efforts to carefully examine our care and be continually committed to improvement. We have launched large-scale efforts to further ensure that care provided across our state is consistent with and tailored to the rich diversity of our communities. We are good at what we do but, more importantly, we know we can do even better.

The WSHA Board has selected an outstanding person to lead on. Cassie is ready for the assignment and is the right person for this uncertain moment in the other Washington. Cassie will lead a very bright collection of WSHA staff that respects her and will lean into the ambitious work plans she sets out.

The people on the 14th floor are an exceptional lot. From my first days as CEO, I have been impressed by their intelligence, insight and work ethic. Your association is full of experienced people who are dedicated to their work and your organization’s success.

I will close with a deeply felt, “thank you.” Thank you for the honor of serving. Thank you for the support I have felt across this wonderful state. And finally, thank you for leading organizations that accept the responsibility for being an essential part of the fabric of each community.


Scott Bond
Outgoing WSHA President and CEO


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