State Election Result Headlines

November 4, 2020

While many eyes are on the national scene, WSHA is watching closely several state legislative races. Heading into this election, the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate. The Senate Republicans appear to have picked up one seat in the 19th District (Longview). However, races in the 5th (Issaquah), 10th (Whidbey Island), and 28th (Lakewood/Dupont) districts are too close to call with more ballots being counted this afternoon and into the week. Depending on the results in those districts, the Senate Democrats could either hold their current majority, lose one seat or add one more Democrat to it. After the initial count last night, the races appear to be trending Democrat, but again, it is too early to tell.

On the House side, the Democrats will maintain their majority and potentially pick up a couple of seats. Lastly, it’s not too late to give to our Hospitals for a Healthy Future PAC! Our PAC supports champions of hospitals. Visit our website to learn more. (Chelene Whiteaker,


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