Rural Hospital Leadership Conference diamond sponsor spotlight: LifeNet Health

June 20, 2018

LifeNetAs the sole full-service tissue bank for hospitals in the Pacific Northwest, LifeNet Health recovers, processes and distributes tissue for transplantation, medical research and education throughout the community.

One tissue donor can help enhance more than 150 lives. Consider Rowan, whose life was cut short at seven months by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Her parents played a critical role by allowing Rowan to become a donor, and she was able to save the lives of two babies. A tendon can help someone, like Anna, walk again. After 10 years of chronic knee dislocation, she was able to dance at her wedding, thanks to donor allografts in both knees. Likewise, a spinal graft can help maintain mobility for someone like Robert, an avid cyclist who has endured eight major back surgeries. His last one involved donor tissue, and he says it has left him feeling stronger than any of his previous procedures.

LifeNet Health is a nonprofit organization that currently serves more than 75 hospitals in Washington State and hundreds more throughout the United States. To learn more about their services, discuss your tissue program, and learn about research and development opportunities, contact William Miller, regional manager, donor development, at (Cynthia Hay)


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