Reversing the business pitch

September 8, 2016

Left: Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Knoepfler speaks at the reverse pitch day in Seattle Aug. 25.

Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue recently participated in a unique health technology project, presenting real-life health care delivery challenges for potential start-ups to solve with business solutions. The process was part of a series of “reverse pitch” events held at the Cambia Grove collaborative think tank in Seattle.

The first challenge asked the question of what tools could improve patients’ real-time insight into availability of access to care across the organization, for example, making it easier to find a same-day appointments and get information about wait times.

The second challenge asked the question of how the Overlake system could be easier to navigate economically (such as through billing), logistically (such as through referrals) and culturally in a way that reflects the diversity of its patient population. This included questions about how to help patients understand billing and insurance, expedite insurance authorizations and allow patients to use smartphones to sequence tests and insurance referrals.

The room was full for the Aug. 25 event, and on hand for the reverse pitch day were CEO of Overlake Medical Clinics Dr. Dennis Rochier and Overake CMO Dr. David Knoepfler. Also, Overlake COO Tom DeBord participated in a C-suite level panel discussion focusing on the intersection of hospitals, startups and venture capitalists in health care.

The tech startups that seek to address one of the issues presented will begin the process by submitting an application for consideration. Those that make it through the initial selection process — for which applications are due Sept. 15 — will be invited to return for a fast-paced series of one-on-one conversations with Overlake executives in October during Enterprise Challenge Day. During this time, entrepreneurs will work with hospital officials in “speed dating” style for quick feedback.

The four or five startups chosen as finalists will then pitch their ideas, and the selected startup will receive a letter of intent for a paid pilot project. If both parties agree the pilot has great odds for success, the project will launch in January 2017.

The “reverse pitch” is just one example of the many ways Washington hospitals are finding creative solutions to health care challenges, ultimately making our communities healthier. Click here to read more about Overlake’s reverse pitch day, including a video of the presentation and a link to the startup project application. (Tim Pfarr)


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