Readmissions — CMS’ 30-day all-cause program — progress and opportunities

March 9, 2017

WSHA has embraced the work of Dartmouth College, which states that readmissions are a measurement of health care fragmentation. Based on this concept, we have set up community forums to look at ways to better integrate care and implement WSHA’s toolkit for reducing readmissions.

From 2011-2015 our region achieved a 27.9 percent reduction in readmissions (per 1,000 eligible Medicare beneficiaries). This equated to 23,000 fewer readmissions and saved $223 million. Ongoing engagement of health care providers, organizations and stakeholders in collaborative initiatives is an important element of sustaining this work.

To continue our progress, WSHA has advanced five areas of focus for collaboration and synergy across the region. These areas and more can be found in the Reducing Readmissions: Care Transitions Toolkit, 3rd Edition. (Ryan Hosken)


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