PREP Act Authorization for medical assistants to administer, deliver, distribute, dispense COVID-19 tests and vaccines

September 21, 2022

Washington State Secretary of Health Dr. Umair Shah issued an authorization for the Prep Act that allows medical assistants (registered and certified) to perform COVID-19 tests and administer COVID-19 vaccines without an on-site supervisor. However, they are required to have a supervising health care practitioner who is “immediately available” to them.

This practice is currently allowed under Governor Inslee’s proclamation 20-32, which is set to terminate Oct. 27. Once terminated, and without this Prep Act authorization, current law would be in effect, which requires that the supervising practitioner is “physically present and is immediately available in the facility” when the MA-R or MA-C is performing these duties.

This Prep Act authorization also allow MAs to administer products the treat serious conditions caused by tests or vaccines (e.g., epi autoinjectors), subject to normal requirements in state law. (Taya Briley)


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