Patient Safety Alert Huddles prevent patient harm through real-time sharing

June 7, 2018

WSHA is hosting Patient Safety Alert (PSA) Huddles to increase transparency and promote Culture of Safety.

This program began in February 2017 and promotes real-time sharing of safety issues or near-miss events from participating organizations, hospitals and clinics in a protected environment. One of the main goals of the PSA Huddles is to provide a forum similar to those in other high-reliability industries, such as aviation, in which open, real-time sharing rapidly spreads learnings to decrease future harm.

PSA Huddles are led by WSHA staff and include regular participation from hospital leaders who present safety events or learnings using the Situation Background Assessment Recommendation (SBAR) format.

For more information about the PSA Huddles, or if you would like to participate, please contact or call (206) 216-2518.



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