Nominate a Nurse Leader from the Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders

July 22, 2021

The Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders (NWONL) is preparing to recognize accomplished nurse leaders in Oregon and Washington. Licensed nurses are invited to submit nominations for the Advancing Leadership Award.

This award recognizes a nurse leader who is well-practiced and further along in their career and leadership that includes:

  1. They are an advanced nurse leader with expert-level experience.
  2. They know VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) and navigate gracefully through it.
  3. Demonstrate courage despite adversity and ambiguity.
  4. They have innovative approaches to problem solving, provide a brief description of a project or change that exemplifies this.
  5. They are role models and support the health and well being of their teams, including promoting self-care, addressing moral support, and promoting inclusion and justice.
  6. Harness transformational growth during and after traumatic and difficult times by capitalizing on lessons learned and leading through change.
  7. They motivate and inspire those who are in their care.
  8. They have strong leadership presence (for example, presentations or publications that create a vision for the work to be done).

The nominator and nominee must be NWONL members, and the nominee must be licensed in Oregon or Washington.


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