No Surprises Act Effective January 1 – Webinar Slides Available

December 15, 2021

Many provisions of the No Surprises Act (NSA) are effective January 1, 2022, including prohibitions on balance billing for out of network emergency services and out of network professional services performed at an in-network facility.  The NSA balance billing protections extend to enrollees of self-insured groups and insurers, an expansion beyond the state regulated insurers and self-funded opt-in groups under the state’s current Balance Billing Protection Act (BBPA).  The NSA also requires facilities and providers to provide good faith estimates of charges to self-pay and uninsured enrollees for scheduled services.

WSHA provided a webinar for WSHA members December 7 that included an overview of the NSA, stakeholder draft legislation to clarify NSA’s interaction with the current BBPA, and links to additional resources.  Staff at WSHA member hospitals that did not attend the webinar can request a copy of the webinar slides by contacting Andrew Busz at


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