New views, new vision

August 13, 2015

Here at WSHA, we know we have a great policy and advocacy team. They work tirelessly through session and the rest of the year to increase access to health care (you’ll be seeing the 2015 Legislative Summary very soon). We also know we have a fantastic patient safety team. For the last 10 years, they have been leading extraordinary improvements in health care quality, saving thousands of lives and millions of dollars.

This week was proof positive that the WSHA operations and support teams are also top-notch. When we walked into our new offices on Monday, everything worked. The computers went on, the Wi-Fi worked and the phones rang. After a companionable couple of hours of unpacking boxes and admiring our new views, we were once again back to work.
As more than one WSHA staffer noticed, our new office expresses some of health care’s major themes: Transparent. Lean. Efficient. Collaborative. Quite literally, our conference room wall expresses our values: Care. Community. Compassionate. Health. Even our conference room names remind us of the great state we serve: Palouse. Cascade. Orca.

We look forward to inviting you in! For directions and more information about our new space, visit our News Page.


Scott Bond President and CEO
Washington State Hospital Association


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