Learn great communication skills with WHS’ LEAD Academy

April 8, 2021

WHS’ LEAD Academy begins with the premise that great managers must be great communicators. All LEAD Academy participants take a DISC communication style assessment. It helps them understand how they prefer to communicate, how to identify how other people communicate and how to adjust the way they communicate to accommodate other styles. For example, some people are detail oriented and really want to understand the details, while others are big picture and get frustrated if they spend too much time in the details. A good leader, or a good communicator, understands their audience and adjusts how they convey information so that it’s heard effectively.

The LEAD Academy is WHS’ premier management training program, customized specifically to health care management, and providing comprehensive, tactical training on how to transition from peer to manager, building teams, coaching to success, understanding budgeting and more. There are still spots open in the cohort beginning July 6. For more information, visit here.


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