Last Summer Days

August 11, 2016

Although it’s been a while since I’ve set my clock by the first day of school, we all still feel it in the air– summer is roaring by. It’s so important to stop, take a deep breath, and hold on to this moment. There is very little reprieve in the pace of life, and it won’t last forever.

There is a lot of change coming up, and we’re all going to need to be relaxed, focused and strong in order to manage it. Our communities have high expectations of hospitals and health systems, and our members know it. We need to build the health care system of the future, a health care system that is efficient, that utilizes technology, that empowers patients to get the right care at the right time in the right place.

On the West Coast especially, we are excited about the idea of disruptive innovation. We know that there are parts of our delivery system that need big change for the future. But as true as that is, there is another truth: every second, someone walks into a hospital needing help– desperately. They have illnesses and injuries of unpredictable complexity. They count on us. Their families count on us, their communities count on us. They expect us to be there for them, just as we always have been. And how can we disrupt that? Our members have tough charges– provide continuous service to the community, and build a new way of providing service for the future community.

The future is uncertain, and if you don’t believe me, watch some presidential election coverage. And we have to plan for the future, and we have to help build the future. But there is also this moment, so do this: Take a deep breath. Take care of the patients, friends and family who are close by and need you. And then let’s work together to build a better future.


Scott Bond
President and CEO


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