It’s November 12. Did veterans just come off of your calendar? They shouldn’t.

November 12, 2015

Washington State has a high number of veterans from a broad variety of backgrounds. Service members bring a wealth of experience and skills that could add tremendous value to hospitals and health systems. Even for those outside the medical field, veterans receive an incomparable amount of job training in “soft” skills such as cultural competency, team work and project planning. Many others receive extensive skill training in languages, computers, building maintenance and construction.

What’s more, many troops are assigned to jobs outside their original job function, but still in line with the mission objective. In this time of rapid change, don’t those sound like skills you want in your work force?

Vets do have significant challenges joining the civilian workforce, but those can be overcome by mindful intent. The terminology for military training and experience is not always recognized by automated HR software, for example, or credentialing may not translate.

The AHA has created a great toolkit and resource center for organizations who want to hire veterans. Visit their webpage to read more, or download the toolkit here. Hiring veterans is a service to both the veteran and your community, and service is the core of all of our missions.

With deep gratitude,

Scott Bond
President and CEO


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