Introducing the WSHA Governance Education Program

January 16, 2019

WSHA is piloting its Governance Education Program beginning this month. This new service, offered exclusively for member CEOs and board members, will increase knowledge and understanding of hospital governance in Washington State, and assist CEOs and board leaders in assessing and enhancing board effectiveness. As the Chair of the Hospital Governing Boards Committee, I am very excited about this opportunity for high-quality, expert governance education.

This is a valuable opportunity for hospital CEOs and board members – including myself – to access comprehensive governance education. As community leaders, it is essential that we are equipped with the knowledge to assist our hospitals and health systems in providing the best possible care to our patients. And, board members who participate in the Governance Education Program can earn board member certification from WSHA.

The two-year sequential program is the result of a complex development process, including CEO and board leader interviews, consultant expertise and national best practices. Content will be offered through webinars and at WSHA events. Participation in the program will be free to WSHA members during the pilot (except for courses offered at WSHA events that require separate registration). Registration for the first course is now open! We look forward to your participation and feedback, and you can contact us at


Nancy Gorshe
Hospital Governing Boards Committee Chair
Washington State Hospital Association, Board of Directors


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