Protect your staff with zero-tolerance workplace violence programs

June 7, 2018

Does your facility have a zero-tolerance stance toward all forms of violence? Is there a comprehensive plan in place to protect your staff?

On April 16, The Joint Commission issued the 59th Sentinel Event Alert to spotlight the escalating violence in the health care setting. Executive leaders are encouraged to take a zero-tolerance stance toward all forms of violence, going beyond reliance on security to develop a robust prevention plan.

The state of Washington requires that hospital prevention activities include the following elements: security and safety assessment, workplace violence prevention program, violence prevention training and a record of violent acts. WSHA further recommends adding executive leadership commitment, defining violence as is meaningful to your organization and engaging a workplace violence prevention committee. Additionally, hospitals should review their plans annually to respond to new trends. The Joint Commission identifies elements of performance that are tied to the focus on reducing physical and verbal violence against health care workers.

If you are not sure if your facility is doing enough to address this issue, the WSHA Workforce Safety Quality Director can assist with a gap analysis and project planning to accomplish this important priority. The Joint Commission’s Take a Stand infographic is available for use in your facility.


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