State issues two requests for proposals for practice transformation hub functions

March 23, 2016

Last week, the Department of Health (DOH) issued two requests for proposals to help establish its Practice Transformation Hub. The hub is a key part of the state’s plans to transform health care. The work is intended to provide assistance to primary care and behavioral health care practices statewide, especially small to medium size practices. The two proposals are for:

  • Practice Coaching, Facilitation and Training Program: DOH will select a contractor to work with clinical practices. The focus is intended to improve primary and behavioral health integration, build clinical-community linkages and ready providers for value-based purchasing. DOH will provide $4 million over three years for this work.
  • Regional Health Connector Network: DOH will select a contractor to develop a network of health connectors in geographic areas that align with the state’s regional service area boundaries. The connectors will assess clinic practices’ needs, provide technical assistance and coordinate referrals to coaching, facilitation and training. DOH will provide $3 million over three years for this work.

WSHA will continue to be in discussion with the state to help the state understand the needs of our hospital systems and their clinics. Letters of intent for proposal responders are due April 6 and final applications are due April 29. The RFPs are available only through the Washington’s Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS) site here. (Claudia Sanders)


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