From Inside Olympia: Hospital uninterrupted breaks bill advances, second cutoff has passed

April 10, 2019

The legislature passed another hurdle on Wednesday, April 3 with the policy cutoff for bills in the opposite chamber. The good news is that many of the bills WSHA supported continue to move through the process. The bad news is that a small handful of very troubling bills also continues to advance. The next cutoff for bill with fiscal impact is Tuesday, April 9.

The highest priority bill we are tracking continues to be SHB 1155, which is the hospital staffing legislation that mandates uninterrupted meal and rest breaks and restricts overtime and on-call for nurses and certain technicians and technologists. SHB 1155 advanced from the Senate Committee on Ways & Means on Wednesday, April 3. It now advances to the full Senate and is eligible to be voting on for passage. WSHA remains opposed to this bill.

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