Expert leadership during COVID-19: Implementing a new EMR system

May 20, 2021

NetworxHealth logo. NetworxHealth, LLC, a Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner, is a health care consulting group bringing experience and expertise to rural health care organizations. Networx brings seasoned leaders in a variety of fields to help hospitals improve operations, employ best practices and empower teams to keep pace with competitive modern healthcare creating better decision-making, enhanced knowledge and more efficient systems. Services include: Interim C-suite and director level staffing; evaluation of department level processes and implementable improvement opportunities and continuing medical education.

COVID makes even simple things like grocery shopping, walking the dog or having a meeting more complicated. So, imagine the effect the pandemic would have on a complex project like implementing a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. This was the situation Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center (OMHC) found itself in last year. Luckily, OMHC was guided by the expert leadership of Interim CEO Emmett Schuster. NetworkxHealth assisted OMHC in selecting Schuster as the best fit for his role.

One year later, OMHC has implemented a successful new EMR system under the skilled guidance of Schuster. The Board and OMHC staff are excited about the potential of electronic medical records to better track and support their delivery of care. NetworxHealth was able to provide OMHC with the leadership and expertise needed to make the installation of the new EMR system an unqualified success despite the added difficulties of COVID. “When we brought Emmett in as interim CEO it gave us a steady hand on the tiller,” OMHC board chair Brian Fink said. “NetworxHealth has been a tremendous resource for us and helped us get through some significant challenges.

The Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner program connects hospitals with product and service organizations to create efficiencies, lower costs and deliver exceptional health care. For more information about NetworxHealth or the WHS Industry Partner Program, contact Ed Phippen at or call (206) 216-2556.


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