Draft Pharmacy Rules Pose Risk to Costs, Workflow, Innovation

September 3, 2015

On Aug. 28, the Pharmacy Commission released draft rulemaking language that would require every facility have a pharmacist in charge who would spend at least 20 hours, or 50 percent of his or her time, at the pharmacy to which he or she is accountable. We are concerned with the financial burden this would place on facilities with patient access issues, especially in rural areas, and the potential detrimental impact to innovative approaches, like tele-pharmacy.

While we are still reviewing this language, we have concerns with its nature and direction. WSHA staff expressed these concerns to the commission at its Sept. 2 Pharmacy Business Practice Meeting and will submit formal comments at a later date. We strongly encourage hospitals and systems to review the draft language, submit comments to the Department of Health here and let WSHA know your comments. (Ian Corbridge)


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