Diagnostic excellence webinar: Fundamentals of Diagnostic Error in Imaging

May 27, 2021

The Northwest Safety and Quality Partnership will offer the Fundamentals of Diagnostic Error in Imaging as a viable hospital intervention for the diagnostic excellence strategy. Join WSHA for this program from 12-1 p.m., June 22, 2021. Registration is now open. 

Dr. Jason N Itri, MD, PhD, will present on the pivotal role imaging plays in the diagnostic process and how to mitigate the estimated 5% error rates within the imaging process to optimize the patient receiving a timely, correct diagnosis.

Dr. Itri will describe elements of a comprehensive process to learn from diagnostic errors in radiology. He will identify contributing factors that lead to both perceptual and interpretive errors, which is key to the development of interventions that reduce or mitigate diagnostic error in radiology.

Reviewing predictable elements will set up organizations to mitigate malpractice lawsuits filed against radiologists related to diagnostic errors or delays. He will illustrate effective approaches to identify cases with diagnostic error. Finally, he will highlight educational and systematic interventions that can reduce diagnostic errors in imaging and improve a timely, accurate diagnosis.

This webinar series is free of charge. If you were unable to attend the first three webinars in the series, don’t worry! You can gain access to the recording by registering for free online. Any questions can be directed to Trish Anderson at trisha@wsha.org or Amy Anderson at amya@wsha.org. (Trish Anderson)


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