Department of Health (WA Health) updates website

May 19, 2022

The Department of Health (DOH) has updated its website. There are five feature changes to help hospitals reduce reporting burden. During the most recent DOH sprint cycle, only the last item (#5) will be released along with revisions to how tabs are displayed. The other four items will be scheduled for future release and we will push to have the modifications prioritized accordingly:

  1. A proposal to lower the reporting cadence from daily to Mon/Wed/Fri and/or Wednesday only
  2. A modification to the supplies reporting ‘by exception’ and for hospitals to only report if there are supply shortages or issues that require external assistance.
  3. An application to crisis staffing reporting similar to the supplies reporting.
  4. A reduction of “Number of staff with confirmed COVID-19 in past 24 hours” daily reporting elements to a single measure for the week.
  5. An auto-population of confirmed/suspected age categories of “0” instead of requiring user to enter the data.

If the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency were to expire, the proposed FY 2023 updates would continue through April 30, 2024, which means the daily COVID-19 related reporting – among other required fields – will continue to be a burden for hospitals. DOH is offering assistance for HHS reporting, including the use of the bulk upload function. Please reach out to WSHA DA Analytics team for more information. (Serena Chai)


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