DASH Premium webinar on Length of Stay tools

May 4, 2023

Please join WSHA and WHS from 12-1 p.m. Thursday, May 25, for a webinar that will highlight important procedure trends utilizing our latest DASH Premium Dashboard: Length of Stay. Register here.

This webinar will focus on understanding length-of-stay and its importance in hospitals using DASH Premium’s Length of Stay dashboard. The primary goal of the webinar is to help hospital administrators and staff find the largest contributors to excess length of stay in their hospital. Hospitals can bring about process changes leading to a reduction in the length of stay for certain patients by analyzing service lines, base MS DRG, and MS DRG.

Additionally, the webinar will cover how unreimbursed revenue interacts with excess length of stay. We will show how claim counts, length-of-stay days, and adjusted dollars can highlight areas of opportunity. This knowledge will help hospitals identify and quantify financial losses associated with longer than necessary length of stay.

The webinar will also provide participants with the ability to compare their hospital’s Length of Stay performance against industry benchmarks, including CMS Geometric LOS, CMS Arithmetic LOS, WA Sample Arithmetic LOS, WA Sample Geometric LOS and WA Sample Median.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Find the largest contributors of excess Length of Stay in your hospital, contributors include:
    1. Service line
    2. Base DRG
    3. DRG
  1. Calculate the unreimbursed revenue by
    1. count
    2. cost
    3. Percent
  1. Compare your LOS performance against:
    1. CMS Geometric LOS (GMLOS)
    2. CMS Arithmetic LOS (ALOS)
    3. WA Sample AVG
    4. WA Sample GMLOS
    5. WA Sample Median


For more information about DASH and DASH Premium webinars contact Cynthia Hay, cynthiah@wsha.org, or (206) 216-2526. (Cynthia Hay)



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