Col. Nicole Malachowski on leading through fog & friction in times of crisis

October 14, 2021

Drawing on her experience as a combat-tested fighter pilot, Colonel Nicole Malachowski (USAF, retired) uses the challenges and uncertainties of combat as a metaphor for organization challenges to explain how to make progress when uncertainty, unforeseeable events and seemingly insurmountable obstacles threaten to stop the forward progress of your team.

“No war plan survives first contact with the enemy” is a truism. In the military, leaders must acknowledge and address the fog (things we can’t see, know, or predict) and friction (the forces which impede progress) of war. In such times, effective leadership is more crucial than ever. Through the lens of perspective, priorities and positive leadership, Nicole will provide tools for leaders to use in times of crisis—or anytime—to keep their organizations successfully advancing.

Leaders at all organizational levels are invited to join us for the Oct. 28 session of the WSHA Annual Meeting eSeries. In addition to Nicole’s keynote, this session includes WSHA’s Annual Business Meeting, where WSHA members will vote on the slate of new candidates for the WSHA Board. Learn more and get your tickets online here.

Thank you to the sponsors of this session, LifeNet Health and BETA Healthcare Group!


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