Celebrate Health Care Decisions Day with Honoring Choices PNW!

April 2, 2021

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest logo. Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest will celebrate National Healthcare Decisions Day on April 16 this year with a collection of joyous live events, motivating inspiration and a reflective challenge to encourage people to do advance care planning. Talking about what’s important, naming a health care agent and sharing those decisions are part of National Healthcare Decisions Day—that’s why it’s like a national holiday for our organization.

Honoring Choices, a play by Grief Dialogues founder Elizabeth Coplan, takes the virtual center stage with three adaptations on April 2, 9 and 11. Honoring Choices is a realistic look at how advance care planning—whether completed or not—impacts a family. Honoring Choices PNW will be presenting three adaptations of the play with hopes of resonating with a wide audience. In addition to the original version, there will be one with an all-Black cast and script consultation by A’Noelle as well as a bilingual Spanish adaption, with translation by Mariah Rojas. Each 20-minute performance will be followed by a question-and-answer session; the Spanish adaptation’s Q&A will be bilingual Spanish. All live performances are free and open to the public, although seat registration is required. More information and registration details are available here.

In addition to the activities, Honoring Choices PNW has crafted Spotify playlists to set the mood for taking action on advance care planning, built a quiz to determine how many people you might be called upon to make health care decisions for, and collected resources to make inviting others or starting the planning process easier. These resources can be found online here.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Honoring Choices PNW Assistant Director (Community) Bonnie Bizzell at bonnie.bizzell@honoringchoicespnw.org.


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