3M N95 delivery has begun

March 8, 2021

Recently, WSHA received its first shipment of 3M 9205+ and 1870+ masks and this week they were distributed to hospitals who requested them. These masks were purchased directly from 3M, and 3M accelerated delivery of these masks to help backfill hospitals who had received counterfeit 1860 and 1860 small N95s. 3M has shared that they plan to emphasize domestic production of these flat fold, “one-size fits most” respirators.  Hospitals report that because of the design, they are finding that these masks fit a wider variety of faces, including many who would normally test into 1860 small respirators. These masks are offered free to member hospitals.

More deliveries are planned in March and/or April (depending on deliveries from 3M). If your hospital has not placed an order and would like to place an order for future delivery, please fill out this order form. If you would like to add to your order, please contact Ed Phippen at edp@wsha.org.


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