Northwest Safety and Quality Partnership

The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS) and the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) and have combined their respective quality and safety work into a single program, the Northwest Safety and Quality Partnership, which serves hospitals in both Oregon and Washington.

Patients and hospital systems in the Pacific Northwest increasingly cross state lines. Washington State and Oregon are geographically similar, with a diverse mix of large urban hospitals and small rural hospitals. This program capitalizes on a unique opportunity to create more synergy between these states and increase collaboration around health care quality work, which will benefit both patients and hospitals by increasing quality and decreasing costs. High-level oversight for this new program is provided by a Patient Safety and Quality Committee made up of hospital leaders and partners from both states and jointly staffed by OAHHS and WSHA.

Under the Northwest Safety and Quality Partnership, patient safety programming will be unchanged for Washington hospitals, but they will benefit from increased opportunity to collaborate with and learn from hospitals across state lines. Oregon hospitals will receive access to a large variety of quality initiatives and are encouraged to immediately begin participating in least one of the below topics.

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To get involved, please contact Jessica Symank, Senior Director, Patient Safety and Quality Partnerships (, 206-216-2535).



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