2017 Community Health Leadership Award

2017 health leadership award nominee summary

The Community Health Leadership Award is given annually to a health care organization that is serving its community’s broader health needs in innovative and lasting ways. We are looking to recognize organizations that are not just serving patients, but are making their entire communities healthier.

Hospitals, health systems and public hospital districts are increasingly called upon to address the health needs of their entire community. This award seeks to recognize member health organizations who are investing in solutions that improve the health of their entire community.

This award is given by the Hospital Governing Boards Committee. The Committee is made up primarily of selected and elected hospital board members who serve as the connective tissue between their hospitals and their communities.

Background Information About the Award

All qualifying nominees will have their projects featured as part of the Annual Meeting, on WSHA’s website and in WSHA’s Weekly Report, which is sent to nearly 4,000 subscribers.

In addition, winning organizations will:

  • Be highlighted in a formal award ceremony at WSHA’s Annual Meeting
  • Be announced to the Washington state media via a press release from WSHA
  • Receive an award graphic that can be used in publications and websites

Process for Consideration: Nominations are welcome from employees, executives, board members, patients or other community leaders, but only programs approved by the hospital or system CEOs will be considered. Projects should have started in the last three years and have made some quantifiable progress. Only WSHA members are eligible. Only one program per hospital please.

Use this easy two-page form to make a nomination.

Depending on the number of nominees, the Committee reserves the right to award more than one organization or develop award categories to better highlight the diversity of successful projects.

Timeline: The committee will use the following timeline to take nominations, evaluate them, and select a winner. The Award will be given at WSHA’s Annual Meeting in October.

  • June-August — Promotion of award and solicitation of nominations
  • September 1  — Nominations due
  • September 14 — Winner selected by HGBC
  • October 12 — Award presented at WSHA Annual Meeting


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