City of Seattle Shift Survey Participation – Due June 30, 2016

The City of Seattle is considering new restrictions on shift schedules for those working in the city limits. As part of this effort, the city’s Office of Labor standards is conducting a shift scheduling survey for both employers and employees in the greater Seattle area. The survey is intended for all shift workers, and has the potential for significant impact on health care shift workers.... Read More >>

Opportunity to recruit and retain providers to your community

The purpose of this bulletin is to remind rural organizations with clinics to apply to become a National Health Shortage Community (NHSC) approved site. It does take time to gather the application materials for the submission deadline of June 7, 2016.... Read More >>

Universal Adoption of Standard Financial Assistance Application and Standard Communication Plan

This bulletin’s purpose is to share the WSHA-developed standard financial assistance/charity care application and standard communication plan for communicating about financial assistance/charity care and recommend that all hospitals adopt both documents. ... Read More >>

Overall Hospital Quality Star Ratings from CMS

The purpose of this bulletin is to ensure hospitals are aware that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be adding an overall hospital “star rating” to Hospital Compare. The new rating will be part of the April update to the site.... Read More >>

BNAF; Good News on Medicaid Rate Adjustments

We are interested in informing hospitals about the Washington State Health Care Authority’s adjustments to February 1 payment rates. Working with WSHA, the Health Care Authority (HCA) has agreed to increase inpatient rates for the next quarter by about 18 percent, in order to restore errors it made in cutting rates during the last two quarters.... Read More >>

HCA Implements Potentially Preventable Readmission (PPR) Adjustments

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform Prospective Payment System (PPS) hospitals of changes to their Medicaid inpatient hospital payment rates effective January 1, 2016 due to changes to the Health Care Authority’s policy on paying for readmissions. HCA is replacing its existing policy of reviewing and denying individual readmission claims with a policy that uses a software program to compare each hospital’s rate of potentially preventable readmissions (PPR) rate with an expected rate based on the state’s general experience and the hospital’s mix of cases. Hospitals with higher than expected potentially preventable readmissions are subject to a penalty reduction applied to their inpatient payment rate.... Read More >>

Health Care Authority to make prospective inpatient payment correction

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform Prospective Payment System (PPS) hospitals of the Health Care Authority’s response to requests filed by WSHA hospitals appealing the significant reduction in PPS Medicaid inpatient and outpatient rates effective November 1, 2015. ... Read More >>

State Seeking Global Waiver Project Proposals

The purpose of this bulletin is to make you aware that the state is soliciting local and statewide projects for exploration and selection in the state’s global waiver negotiations with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for Medicaid. Project proposals are due January 15, 2016 to the state Health Care Authority (HCA).... Read More >>

Standardized Financial Assistance Application and Communication Plan

This bulletin provides information on two financial assistance documents that WSHA will recommend every hospital adopt. WSHA intends to recommend that all hospitals adopt the standard financial assistance application and communication plan once these documents are finalized and approved by the WSHA Board. These documents focus on the patient-facing portions of the financial assistance process and do not dictate the levels of financial assistance offered at individual hospitals.... Read More >>

Sample Language for Appeal of Medicaid PPS Rates Effective November 1

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide Prospective Payment System (PPS) hospitals with information should they wish to appeal changes to their Medicaid hospital payment rates effective November 1. WSHA recommends they file a rate appeal with the Health Care Authority (HCA) within 60 days of the date of their rate notice to protect their right to a rate correction if it is determined the new rates are in error.... Read More >>

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