Supporting China National Standard – GB 18030-2005:


This document provides additional information for the product’s Readme file with regard to GB18030-2005 support in Acrobat product features.


What’s new and improvement in terms of supporting China National Standard GB 18030-2005:


·       In the previous release a problem was reported when as a Form distributer, user can view tracker detail either within Tracker or from the PDF created from Tracker details. Some of the GB 18030 4-byte characters cannot be displayed in Form Location of the PDF created from Tracker details. This issue has been fixed in this new release (#2715473).


·       PDFMaker for Macintosh is not included in this release.


·       Acrobat is software that can be installed and runs on MS Windows and Mac OS X 10.x. Limitation of supporting GB 18030 standard platforms will limit the functionality of the product.


·       MS “Notepad” on MS Windows does not support 4-byte GB 18030 encoding characters. It is suggested that PDF should not be created from a raw text file with 4-byte GB 18030 characters via Notepad.


·       Acrobat handles all text as Unicode (supports surrogates too) and the application uses system APIs for displaying the text in the UI. If there is any specific problem with text rendering, it may be an operating system limitation.

Known Issues

·       On MS Windows and Mac OS X 10.x


o   Paper Capture provides OCR recognition for commonly used Chinese characters of GB18030 (over 4200 characters). These GB18030 characters in the Form Location characters are specified by an OCR engine which is supplied by a third-party company.


o   If PDF document is created from a .PS file using Acrobat Distiller, the Title property of the PDF is inherited from the original file which generated the .PS file. The GB18030 4-byte characters in the Title field will display as “?” in the Description page of Document Properties Dialog (#2654552).



o   The some 2-byte and all 4-byte GB18030 characters in the Search Results cannot be saved correctly when save the Search Results to a CSV file (#3289189).


It is a known limitation.


o   The GB18030 characters turn to garbage characters in filename on web browser when PDF uploaded to Adobe EchoSign (#3297577).


This is not a GB18030 issue only. Actually EchoSign cannot support Non-ASCII character in current version and no solution now. It will be fixed in next release.


o   Few 2-byte and all 4-byte GB18030 characters cannot display correctly in email when send PDF with comments by Outlook (39127313912731#3912731).

This is a third party issue.


·         On all MS Windows OS


o    Cannot create PDF from a plain text file or a HTML file through “File > Create > PDF from file” when the file name or path contains 2-byte & 4-byte GB18030 characters mixed together and error message shows up (#3292016).


The workaround is to create the PDF file from a plain text file or a HTML file through “File > Create > PDF from Web Page”.


o   The GB18030 characters display incorrectly in the Security warning window when click the Chinese folder link on the bottom line of the PDF file which created from a plain text file or a HTML file (#3215039).


o   The image cannot be displayed in the created PDF when create PDF from a HTML file named with GB18030 character ( U+F92C) (#3292019).


o   Cannot open accessibility report when the report file path contains GB18030 characters (#3292022).


o   Some GB18030 characters are displayed as garbage in the Barcode Filed Properties dialog and Document JavaScripts dialog.  (#3910035).



·       On MS Windows 7


o   Few Double-4 & Double-5 characters of GB18030 display as square in Dynamic Stamps (#3215079).


o    Few 2-byte Chinese characters display as squares in Preview view pad of Add Watermark window when the font selected was MS Yahei (#3218140).


The workaround is to change the font MS Yahei to Adobe Hei. If meet the similar issue, please can use the same way, to change font from MS Yahei to Adobe Hei.