Washington State Hospitals Vaccine Status

Since the arrival of the first vaccines in Washington State, hospitals have played an important role in distribution of vaccines. Over the last month, reporting hospitals and systems have distributed 309,709 vaccines, first to health care workers and as part of a larger effort to vaccinate people in phase 1B.

We stand ready and willing to support the state’s roll out of vaccines. Vaccinating Washington’s population will take many organizations building on the successful efforts already underway.

There have been challenges with the accuracy of the data reported from the state’s vaccine tracking system. This is a relatively new system and we know the state and vaccine providers are working to address discrepancies. Until then, we want to provide some transparency into the vaccines received by hospitals and health systems across the state. For the next few weeks, WSHA will be collecting a handful of data points from hospitals across the state. We fully acknowledge that the data reporting burden is already very high, so response was optional. Regardless, vast majority of hospital and system vaccine providers responded.

Below are a few key findings. You can also view the complete data set with information by hospital. Data points collected include:

  • number of vaccines received

  • number of doses administered

  • number of vaccine appointments scheduled

  • the number of doses remaining

  • the number of vaccine appointments cancelled for lack of supply

  • the number of vaccines that could be administered if additional supply was available

About the data

The data represents cumulative totals for vaccines administered and received through January 23, 2021. Planned or cancelled visits pertain tothe week of January 25.

Data is shown either at a hospital or system level. If a facility is missing it is pending until data has been validated, reported under a system/another hospital, or the facility was unable to respond.

Every data point has a story or nuance behind it. Please note the following with these data:

  • There are instances where the number of vaccines administered may be greater than the amount of vaccine doses received (or allocated). This may be due to transfers from another vaccine provider to help cover scheduled appointments or because the provider was able to extract extra vaccine doses from vials.
  • Number of planned appointments may be greater than remaining or allocated doses. This may result in more appointment cancellations than shown, doses augmented through transfers or other scheduling strategies.
  • This is a snapshot in time, and most likely will not match other publicly available vaccine data. Reporting timeframe, format of question asked, data validation and uses vary.
  • Cancelled appointments include both appointment slots that already had patients scheduled and appointments that had been planned but will no longer be offered.

Data Overview


  Survey week 1 Survey week 2 Survey week 3
Total Hospitals Reported 42 47 53
Total Cumulative D1 Administered 242,267 306,394 334,454
Total Cumulative D2 Administered 67,442 130,336 196,028
Total Cumulative D1 Received 285,159 295,355 326,677
Total Cumulative D2 Received 130,983 171,686 223,097
Appointments Planned for Week 104,040 91,662 123,050
Appointments Cancelled for Week 15,671-15,971 13,956 5,945
Estimated Weekly Vaccine Capacity 157,114-162,114 171,540 – 173,640 188,189 – 189,889

See the full vaccine summary data.


If you are a member of the media with questions about the data, please contact Beth Zborowski.


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