Early Intervention for Mental Health

Washington has some of the best and most innovative mental health providers in the country. Washington also has one of the highest prevalence’s of mental illness, creating access issues that are all too familiar to our patients and providers. This requires creative thinking to not only identify patients at risk for mental illness early, but to get patients the care they need when they need it.

We are partnering with renowned experts to bring transformative models for delivering care to Washington. These models bring behavioral health services into the primary care setting where patients are typically most comfortable and likely to be initially seen for mental illness. They help bridge the gap between specialty behavioral health and primary care, and move towards whole-person approach to health.

Resources and Tools:

AIMS Center Collaborative Care Implementation Guide – A PDF document from the UW AIMS Center to help implement Collaborative Care.

UW AIMS Center – The University of Washington AIMS Center website.

Bree Collaborative: Behavioral Health Integration – The Robert Bree Collaborative website for Behavioral Health Integration including links to the Bree Collaborative recommendations.

Integrating Behavioral Health Across the Continuum of Care – A PDF document from the American Hospital Association: Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence to help organizations transform care across the continuum.

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